Engaging Humanities Project

April, 2020

Last month I was given the brilliant opportunity to obtain some teaching experience at Leehurst Swann Preparatory School in Salisbury. As part of my engaging humanities project, I wanted to find out how engaging linguistic lessons could be for younger learners in the classroom, compared to more typical lessons on Grammar, Syntax Etc.

After a week of teaching Ecolinguistics, Historical Linguistics and Accents & Dialects to year 5's and 6's, I'm now prepared to share the powerpoints and work sheets that I created, in the hopes that anyone can use them and find success, even without prior linguistic knowledge.

To any parents currently homeschooling, I extend this small gesture of support. I hope that these lessons get young learners thinking about the importance and benefits of studying linguistics.

The powerpoints can be accessed by the hyperlinks above. The work sheets for Ecolinguistics, Historical and Acc & Dial can be accessed via these links. To anyone who doesn't have access to the dictionaries mentioned in the Historical Linguistics lesson, https://www.etymonline.com/ is a brilliant website for researching all things etymology.

Take care,

- Josh

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